The Benefits of Cuming

For men, cuming is healthy.

Besides the obvious stress relief and relaxation benefits, cuming for men between the ages of twenty and fifty at least twenty-one times a month will lower your risk of prostate cancer by 19%.

If you are on the older end of this scale, you reduce your chances by at least 22%.

This means cuming, whether alone or with someone, is good for you.


Why Do I want to Cum Hands-free?

To cum hands-free is to expand your world.

There is nothing wrong with a good wank. Nothing at all.

In fact, we here at AJAX Books encourage this by selling awesome written porn.

The best reason to cum hands-free is to shake it up a little. Get out of the rut. Keep it fresh. Stimulate the brain as well as the sexy organs. Find ten sweet spots instead of one. Practice alone to be proficient together.

Rise to the challenge.


Can Men Cum Hands-free?


Your first cum was probably hands-free. The wet dream.

If you’re over the consent age for viewing porn, you can take a look at some hands-free cum videos for men.

If you are interested in written instructions, take a look here.


Cum While You Read

AJAX Books publishes reading material intended to encourage cuming. If you want to read just before sleep and use video or books to stimulate, then a talent for cuming hands-free is useful.

You can use a toy nuzzled against your balls on a low switch and just read or watch till its done.

You can use an Autoblow machine.


Cum Hands-free While You Drive

Because it’s not enough to cum hands-free, Autoblow has developed the Automoblow.

The Automoblow is lauded as the first sexual pleasure device for self-driving cars.

Good news! The good folk over at Autoblow have tailored it for self-driving Teslas.

You can now cum hands free in the car courtesy of Elon and Autoblow.

Apparently, it’s ‘great for busy executives who don’t have enough time to masturbate at home.’

Perhaps you’re one of these busy executives?

We feel cuming should happen in the car. The obvious benefit is a reduction in road rage and a relaxed home arrival at the end of a busy day.

Perhaps it’s a relief to have your daily ejaculation taken care of by the time you get home.

(We are not affiliated with Autoblow or Tesla in any way. We just thought this was neat.)

Cuming in the car might keep public masturbators in a private space without them having to lose the pleasure of going public.

And don’t forget, women have been cuming in the traffic for years. It’s about time the men catch up.


Cuming Hands-free Should be Encouraged

What cuming hands-free ultimately means is more orgasms. If you’re going to reach your healthy averages, you may need to get a little creative.

Cum while reading. Cum in your clothes. Cum in the car.

Cum hands-free and cum more.



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