What is outercourse?

Outercourse is a buzzword for having sex without having sex.

That is, reaching orgasm, or some form of physical intimacy with another person without experiencing intercourse in an anus or a vagina.

Is Outercourse Religious?

Outercourse, like many issues related to sexual abstinence, has been co-opted by interest groups seeking to control sexuality for religious reasons.

Therefore it is sometimes linked with abstinence. But abstinence is different.

Restricting sexual practice for moral or spiritual reasons is not connected to Outercourse.

Outercourse is more like foreplay but with different intension around the conclusion and has many positive health-related benefits.

Therefore, while religious people might practice Outercourse, it is equally used by the Queer communities and Alt-Sex communities.

History of Outercourse.

There are a few differing views on the history of Outercourse. We liked the ones listed below:

  • Cosmopolitan Magazine – Cosmo gives a brief history relating Outercourse to safe sex and “being good.”
  • Wikipedia – The wiki on “non-penetrative sex” is pretty good and gives a good reference for terms and alternate sexual lifestyle Outercourse.
  • GoAskAlice – This is a no-nonsense outline on what Outercourse is.


Why have Outercourse?

The health benefits of outercourse are primarily around avoiding pregnancy and STD’s.

It can’t help with all sexually transmitted diseases, but it can reduce the chance of catching diseases associated with penetration.

However, Outercourse is also an acceptable option if a partner doesn’t feel like having sex or being penetrated.

This may be because they have an infection (or are sore) one partner has already had intercourse, or if one person just doesn’t feel like intercourse.


Outercourse ideas.

Commonly accepted forms of Outercourse are:

  • Kissing
  • Manual stimulation or fingering
  • Erotic Massage
  • Dry humping
  • Oral sex
  • Hand job
  • Foot job


Read More About outercourse

You can read more about Outercourse and health benefits in the following links:


Very Well Health


Our conclusions about Outercourse

Outercourse is an excellent sexual style to add to your sexual repertoire.

Perhaps it is a catchall for the al behaviors you currently perform?

Either way, labeling and categorizing can help us add variety and choice to our sexual lives.

This can help people voice preference and it can help others understand that no penetration does not equal rejection.


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