AJAX Books is a collective of anonymous artists who write erotic literature for artistic purposes.

18+ Restriction

Only individuals over 18 years of age can download the books sold on this website. AJAX Books is against the sale of its books to minors.


AJAX Books only receives payments through this website.

All monies go to payment for advertising, website maintenance, the business administration of AJAX Books and the artists who wrote the work to use as they see fit. Administrators, accountants and legal entities are paid equitably and by the hour in Australian dollars at above the Australian Award Wage.


Covers are purchased outright. They are sourced from experienced and highly talented graphic artists who are ethically approached to make covers for the works. AJAX Books covers are works of art in themselves.


AJAX Books is only advertised on Pornography websites. No works are sold or advertised in connection to other corporate brands, or publishing houses. Advertising is strictly on porn sites and by word of mouth.

The collective considers these business models antithetical to artistic practice. We respect the rights of all writers, publishers and readers to use these sites however.


AJAX Books believes in respecting the anonymity of its writers. Therefore, all correspondence and real-world administration has been contracted out to a bookkeeping service who answer all questions, maintain the site and correspond with the collective.


AJAX books is pornographic matierial written for adults. It is pulp, fast fiction and will respect pulp fiction porn as an artistic medium.

AJAX Books sees pornography through the lens of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. (See below for links).

AJAX Books recognizes the opinion some pornography is harmful or hurtful. Pornography can also be addictive. If you have any concerns regarding the pornography you are watching or your use of pornography, we encourage you to use the links provided below.

Barbra Novac

The works of Barbra Novac were purchased by AJAX Books in May 2019 and in agreement with that writer, Barbra Novac’s works bear her name. All other works will be authored “AJAX.”

As fans of the work of Barbra Novac, all her works will be edited and sold on this site. Incomplete works have been commissioned to completion, and a purchase agreement that includes royalties is in place.



Pornography Aawareness Links: If you sense you have an ethical, moral or legal problem with pronography and erotic material, please make use of the following links.


Reach Out


Very Well Mind

Federal Police: report offensive material

Pornography and the identity of perception by Owen Hewitson for Lacan on line.