In the course of our week, we have discovered that not everyone knows about the wonderful Autoblow machine. So, this is a catch-up post for those who like to catch up.

We have to confess; we have not tried the Autoblow. But many people have and we can see their reviews on YouTube, so help yourself when the time is right.

But we felt that it was our duty, being so into self-pleasure and all, to bring this marvelous invention to a wider public.

Apparently the newest iteration of the Autoblow, the AI Autoblow crowd-funded its way into notoriety ion 2018.

This AI version is bigger, better, and smarter and apparently any kinks are now out of the prototype. (pardon the pun)

So, if you want your own Autoblow, pop over to the website and grab it and some other toys for boys.

We are not affiliated – we just thought this was a lot of fun.


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