When two hundred and fifty agents from secret organizations around the world are found naked and dead from mercury poisoning on the same morning, authorities evoke the code name ROTA to come to the rescue. This engages the services of DISC, a secret organization that solve crimes too difficult or messy for authorities to handle. No one knows who DISC is. Possibly one man, or a group of men working together to get results.

Soon it is discovered the men were killed by fembots. An evil set of clones of the most beautiful women in the world, now engaged as a secret weapon no man can resist. Someone will have to find out who controls them and put a stop to their deadly trajectory.

Porsche Marlowe, Aston Knight, and Mercedes Merlin are models by day, assassins by night. Each uses their femininity as a weapon. Each has their own unique skill set, their own unique style. Each will stop at nothing to achieve their mission. They are the secret weapon no one suspects.

That is, until now.

White Flesh, Black Market. Spies in the House of Lust. The Series.

In the early 1970’s espionage books took a turn toward the pornographic with a neat little series known as The Baroness novels. The writer is supposedly Paul Kenyon, though the prolific output and short time frames suggest he may have had help. When Barbra Novac wrote her tribute to these books, AJAX (who were also fans) leaped on the opportunity to see them published.

Largely dubbed ‘espionage porn’ soft core versions of this style materialized in the James Bond novels, Modesty Blaise, and the television series The Avengers. Barbra Novac’s tribute series include graphic sex scenes. The novels are pure pulp, designed to be read fast … with one hand free.

The three White Flesh, Black Market: Spies in the house of Lust books are meant to be read one after the other. They are pornographic in style but include fast-paced action and a historical timeline that posits fiction against nonfiction. Sex scenes are graphic, use 1960’s style slang, and plentiful.
Please note: Sex scenes are graphic and may offend some readers.

About Barbra Novac

Barbra Novac writes erotic novels. She happened upon the idea of writing the White Flesh Black Market series back in 2005 when she discovered The Baroness books by Paul Kenyon were back in circulation. Having been a long-time fan of the series, she wrote the outline for three books that she thought would be a fun homage. Part of the first book was self-published as two novellas.

However, the project was shelved when life got busy. When AJAX books approached Barbra and offered to buy the books and see them completed, she jumped at the opportunity to work on the series again.

Now Barbra writes erotic romance. Her books can be found here.

About Sexploitation

Sexploitation is a broad term used to describe a series of films and novels that used stereotyped sexual fantasies to progress a plot. While exhibitionist in nature and usually gratuitous, sexploitation bust onto the scene in the 1960’s and led the way in the war against religious censorship.

The original sexploitation works of the 1960’s was referred to as “nudie cuties” and were budding explorations into what it meant to bring titillation to low budget narratives. Objection to them was often based on commercial grounds (they were too popular for main stream cinemas) and therefore religious groups were empowered to remove sexploitation material from cinemas and bookshelves.

The campaign to eradicate sexploitation took the form of vilifying those who enjoyed the genre. They were referred to as “dirty old men” or “raincoaters.” In fact, in the 1960’s the films and books were increasingly enjoyed by married couples seeking to spice up their sex life. Once the Golden Age of Porn came in, sexploitation was taken over by “roughies” (sexploitation that sought to attack women and minorities) and then pornographic film as we know it today.

AJAX Books publishes sexploitation with an intent to take sexually explicit stereotypes and re imagine them as non-exploitative. AJAX Books sees sexploitation as a place to explore stereotypes, fantasies and titillation in a safe, sane and consensual way.


White Flesh, Black Market. Spies in the House of Lust. Book 1 is a pornographic novel that contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature. It is strictly over 18 and meant for the adult consumer only.

White Flesh, Black Market. Spies in the House of Lust. Book 1 uses names and places that are historically significant to the time period. The novel is fiction and in no way can any of the written occurrences be presumed to be fact or based on fact.