Remaining calm at the moment feels like a pipe dream.


It can seem like focusing on whatever the biggest scariest thing in front of you is the best course of action in your day.


Working from home, current world events, and being terrified of catching a terrible disease are additional factors that do not help us stay focused on what matters.


This is where suspense becomes an addiction. You crave good news while you are semi-addicted to reading and researching bad news.


Real-world suspense does not help. It stops us from taking action. We keep thinking I’ll do it:

  • When the election is over
  • When I am not in lockdown
  • When they find a vaccine
  • When the stimulus package is out



And on it goes.


Suspense is better enjoyed in front of the television screen or inside a good book, (as usual AJAX recommends our White Flesh Black Market series) where you can project it onto something else. Somehow, grounding yourself in the day is essential.


Sex can be a part of this routine. Healing sex. Sex with the adult you are in lockdown with, or your spouse or yourself is essential to ground you, and get your head out of the suspense that the world throws at you.


Be bigger than all of it.


To read more about stress relief and suspense, start here.



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