There is no easy answer to the question of why we want so much sex. Sex can be a destructive force. It can be at odds with our ideologies. It can refuse to sit closely linked with love. It can cause us to turn on a treasured relationship. It can threaten our productivity. It can drive us to talk to people we don’t really like but feel drawn to.

Some psychologists believe we love sex so much because the physical response of an aroused person is a huge affirmation. A person may smile or shake our hand warmly. But these are easy to fake and can’t always be trusted.

However, a firm penis or a wet vagina is much harder to fake. We feel that those are gifts given to us that offer a style of affirmation. That means when you have stimulated that response in your lover, they are saying something very positive about you.

We all want this feedback. We all want to feel that way about someone. And we all want to take that feedback to a joyful conclusion. It’s very difficult to ignore the craving for that sort of authentic connection.

Add that to the overall pleasure of the stimulation and you have an almost permanent desire to have sex with another human.

After all, if it were all just about desire, masturbation would be enough.

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