There are some important things to consider. After all, you’re toying with the most important/sensitive parts down there.

For example, keep your tools clean, clean the area first and trim and exfoliate. These little prep tips will keep you in control of the process.

Start with a comb and scissor effort if you haven’t done this for some time or ever before. You may want to keep the hair at that length. Or you might want to put in a bit of a shape. Either way, starting with a scissor trim is a good effort for making the process comprehensive.

This nice little article from Healthline gives some razor tips and tricks.

“For the general pubic area. For the area above your genitals and your bikini or brief line, pull skin taut, and shave in the direction of hair growth.

For shaving the penis. Hold the shaft upwards and shave in slow, even strokes toward the base. If you’re aiming for hairless balls too, pull scrotum skin taut and make delicate downward strokes.

For a fur-free vulva. Work with the labial folds on one side first and then the other. Hold skin taut and shave in downward strokes using a gentle touch.

For beautifying a bushy tail. You can gently shave the hair off your butt cheeks in a downward motion. For your crack and perineum, place a handheld mirror on the floor and stand over it with legs hip-distance apart. Get into an easy squat. Pull one cheek taut and shave in gentle outward and downward strokes before working with the other side.”


The same article has an entire section on how to treat little bumps and cuts that may happen.

Pubic hair is another one of those neither good nor bad things. You can wear it or not, it’s up to you.

Check the article in Healthline here. 

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