All For Nun


Sister Melanie is bad.

Nuns are pure. Nuns are chaste.

Sister Melanie thought the convent could cure her impure thoughts.

But, when Father Leonardo punishes her desire, Sister Melanie finds her cure as enjoyable as her illness. As he probes her boundaries, she breaks all taboos. Soon he enlists other priests and nuns to help cure Sister Melanie’s wicked ways. They are all willing to do anything to quench her forbidden lust.

In the name of God, they swear, they are only trying to cure her.


All For Nun is written as an homage to the erotic classic The Autobiography of a Flea. A sensual tale written in the Victorian Vintage style, this is a no ‘holes’ barred piece of literature that breaks every taboo and seeks no forgiveness.

(Read a sexy bit here.)


Modeled after Victorian erotica classics, All For Nun is nunspoitation at its finest.

About the Author

Barbra Novac is a writer of erotic literature. In 2019 she sold her sexploitation works (self-published and in progress) to AJAX who edited and reworked the original to fulfil on the promise of the series.

Extent: 221pp

Format: eBook (PDF, MOBI, EPUB)

AJAX Publication date: 18 July 2020

ISBN: 978-0-9870883-2-1

US Price: $3.95

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