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Excerpt from All For Nun Chapter Two.

As she watched the good Father move a chair to a space in the middle of the room, and felt her bottom tingling with excitement, Sister Melanie felt she should have been more explicit in the detail she’d given the Father. She only mentioned exploits. She felt no need to go into detail about the sexual experiences. However, so excited was she at the prospect of the Father placing his hand firmly against her buttocks, she kept her mouth closed. There would be time to lament this decision later.

The father sat at the chair, and Sister Fergie moved from her place near the door of the office to the right side of the Father.

“Come my child.”  Said the Father not understanding the confusion the words caused in Sister Melanie’s head at that moment.

Sister Melanie rose and made her way to the Father. As she stood in front of him, he beckoned to sister Fergie, who moved forward and lifted Sister Melanie’s habit till it covered her face, and left every part of her exposed from her waist down.

“Hold your garment in this place, Sister.”  The soft velvet voice of sister Fergie commanded.  Sister Melanie did as she was told.  Fearful that any wetness she knew was pooling at her secret place might show.

Without seeing, she could sense Sister Fergie kneeling in front of her.  She felt her cool hands against the hot flesh covering her pubic bone as Sister Fergie dragged the scrap of cotton she wrapped about her most secret part, down her legs, to her ankles.

“Very good Sister Fergie.”  Melanie heard the Father say. She imagined herself as he saw her, naked from the waist down but for her black wool stockings that came to just above the knee, her triangle of dark hair and her clothes around her face.  Sister Melanie tried as hard as she could to see the humiliation in the scene, but to her, it held only excitement.

“Lower your clothes so you can see child, but keep them higher than your waist and come here.”

Sister Melanie lowered her clothes and looked at the Father who appeared to be calm and in control. She dare not look at Sister Fergie. She moved toward the older priest, and he pulled her closer, bending her over his knee.  As soon as Sister Melanie was over the lap of the father, she felt his response to her nakedness. His boner was obvious, jutting up almost at her face, until he bulled her further over his knee. Then it was just below her breasts, in her stomach.  It appeared to be very large and Sister Melanie grew fearful she may not control herself. The father was all right. He had the wisdom and no doubt the spiritual strength to control himself. She had not.

Sister Melanie concentrated hard, trying to work out how this was a humiliating moment, determined to receive this as the penance it was.

Then without warning, THWACK!  A large belt hit against the bare flesh of her right buttock. Then SLAP! An even harder one contacted her left side.

“See this Sister Fergie?  Take a good look at the flame of red rise in the cheek.  Our Sister here is taking a harsh punishment indeed.”

“Yes Father,” sister Fergie’s voice rang out into the room. Sister Melanie, the strength of the boner in her gut making it difficult to breathe properly, listened to the beauty of sister Fergie’s voice. She felt sure this would not work.

Then SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Four in succession stung. Father Leonardo had gotten more power in his strokes.  It was not pleasant, so Sister Melanie thought perhaps there was a chance this might work.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Another four on the other cheek hurt just as much. Sister Melanie had never been spanked this hard before.  She experienced a delirium as if she could push it further to see how much she could take. Inside her heart cried AGAIN! Outside, she tried to do her best not to allow the seeping liquid to run down her inner thigh.

As if he knew what was happening, the Father made a request.

“Let me spread your legs child. I want to be sure this punishment has worked.”

And with that, he placed each hand on her inner thighs and pried them apart.  Sister Melanie felt the arousal spring from her nether lips as if they were the source of a well. The good Father ran his finger up and down her hot wet slit, and then circled the entrance to her body.  He ran his hot lubricated fingers up to her ass and circled her little nub there and then went back to her hungry hole and without warning, plunged his two fingers deep into her body.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” cried Sister Melanie, as the orgasm took her over immediately. She felt it sweep from her loins over her body and nestle back between her legs again.

The first sound she heard as she came back to earth was the sound of the Father clicking his tongue.

“No no no… Why this is no good. You seem to have been enjoying your punishment.  This will never do.”

As he spoke, his fingers caressed her outer labia, gathering slithers of thick lubricant that Sister Melanie could feel pulling against her inner vaginal lips.

“This is terrible child.”  Father Leonardo sounded as though he were angry with her, despite the size of the boner boring its own hole into her gut.  “You have responded in the wrong way.  Women do not feel sexual pleasure.  They are instruments of sexual pleasure. That is the divine right of a female and as a Nun you have removed yourself from that service.”

Sister Melanie listened to all this as he stroked her. Momentarily she wondered if she could die from these pleasures.

“And now you are all messy and sticky. What is to be done with you Child?”  He paused as if thinking.  “Sister Fergie, come and see. The juice is starting to run down her leg.  Kneel between her feet child, and suck the muck from her body.”

“Yes, Father.”

Sister Fergie shuffled between the legs of Sister Melanie, spreading the thighs a little more to get a good hard look.  The woman bent over and exposed, imagined the scene as the good, beautiful, kind sister, the sister she had fantasised about often, knelt between her legs. The next feeling she had was of the good Father spreading her ass cheeks apart so her vagina and ass hole felt stretched wide open. Then there was the brief expelling and inhaling of breath against the skin of her inner thighs, and then Sister Fergie ran her tongue up the inner thigh of her left leg.  She gathered the first of the juice that stopped there and then continued to lick and kiss cleaning up every bit of fuck juice that worked its way out of Sister Melanie’s body.

Sister Melanie tried hard not to make a sound for fear the delicious ministrations might stop.

“Yes, that’s it sister.  Work your way slowly up to her pussy. That’s it. Slow now, taste every part of her flesh.”

The father’s voice had grown hoarse and Sister Melanie felt sure he had given in to the ways of the flesh now. His cock beat a slight rhythm against her chest as she felt his fingers trying to pry her open, deeper. She hoped he could get her wide enough apart for Sister Fergie to disappear into her.

“Very good sister,” the good Father continued.  “Now stick your tongue out as far as you can and fuck her with it; right in that hot nasty little hole of hers.”

The lewd words would drive Sister Melanie to another orgasm alone, let alone the feel of the hot wet tongue making its way into her body. Sister Fergie seemed gifted at this, for she had the tongue of a serpent. It slithered into Sister Melanie’s aching hole deep, almost as if it were a small cock.

“That’s very good sister. Now lick up and down the outside of her cunt. Suck up all that disgusting juice this evil body continues to expel.”

Sister Fergie made a murmuring sound against the inner labia of Sister Melanie and the vibration almost sent her over the edge. She knew she was going to cum soon; this was too good and along with the hot words of Father Leonardo, almost too much to bear.

Then hoarse with desire, Father Leonardo said, “Her ass Sister Fergie.  Here, suck on her ass.” And Sister Melanie felt the long slithering tongue in one long hot lick reach her ass and plunge its way in.

And that was it. With a cry to Mary the mother of Christ I dare not repeat here, she came with the most explosive orgasm she’d ever experienced.

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