We are not sure of the sources on this one, but we found a great article on the sexual benefits of regular sex or at least regular orgasms. We tried to find the research article but haven’t to date. So the following claims were copied from the article verbatim, which you can read here.

This article in Newstracklive, makes the statement that a recent study shows sex can produce the following positive results:

Strengthening immunity – It is said that people who have sex every day have a strong immune system. In addition, according to one study, people who have frequent sexual intercourse (once or twice a week) have high levels of immunoglobulin A (immunoglobulin A) in their saliva. At the same time, people who are less active in sex regularly start reducing the amount of immunoglobulin A.


Balances blood pressure – Sex can reduce the blood pressure of men and women. Yes, in today’s time, millions of people have high blood pressure. In addition, several studies suggest that there is an association between sex and lower systolic blood pressure, excluding masturbation. It can reduce blood pressure. Apart from this, high blood pressure can be reduced if sex is done daily.


Reduces the risk of a heart attack – Sex is beneficial for the young to old. G actually controls the level of hormones like sex estrogen and testosterone and keeps the heart healthy. For this, sex should be done at least 2 times a week.


Prostate cancer prevents – A recent study shows that people who do sex consistently have less chance of prostate cancer than other people or those who do normal sex.

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