Remember H.A.L.T.?


When you are under stress don’t take it out on your sex life. Even masturbation shouldn’t be put on hold for stress. Sex, alone, with a lover, or in a group, when done right, is stress relief. So sex should always be a ‘got to’ space for recovery.


That means you should never be ‘too stressed’ for sex. Sex is how you de-stress.


A good tip is to remember the psychologists’ tip H.A.L.T.


That means when you feel stressed, or get an attack of the ‘don’t wannas’ about sex, pause and think.

  • Am I Hungry?
  • Am I Angry?
  • Am I Lonely?
  • Am I Tired?


When you feel a stress attack coming on, examine these four states. If one or more is going on. Take the time to address it.


If you are hungry, eat something nourishing. If you are angry, write it out in a ‘journal letter’ that you don’t send. If you are lonely, reach out to someone you trust or meditate. If you are tired, run yourself a bath or shower, pop into your bed, and follow a little well-worn path to your own orgasm. Then treat yourself to a deep night’s rest.


Sex should never be put off for any of the H.A.L.T. problems.



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