First let’s ask THAT question

Does the amount of time you watch porn act as an indicator for the length of time it takes you to orgasm?

We all know no one is there for the stories.

But what about the length of time it takes to find something you like? To look for something new? To get away from something you hate?


Orgasm in women

For this article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it takes a woman 13.46 minutes to orgasm. Pornhub believes she will come in under 11 minutes.

Does this mean a woman should go to Porn Hub to get it all done faster?


Orgasm in men

It’s harder to find clearer data for orgasms in males. It’s presumed that 7 – 13 minutes is how long it should take. This would make Porn Hub’s figures consistent with those figures.

However, because there is a lot of status attached to how long a man can ‘hold on’ our cursory research revealed that in hetro relationships, the woman sets the time frame.

That means, he takes as long as she needs.


Porn Hub’s data set

According to the Porn Hub stats the average amount of time spent on a visit is 10 min 28 sec.

Women stay longer than men by 23 seconds.

Visitors aged between 18 and 24 get the job done faster by 64 seconds

If you’re over 55, you spend about 2 mins longer looking.

Check it out in the table below.

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Cuming is an inexact science

From our research, it appears that there is quite a lot of anxiety in heterosexual males about how long it should and does take them to cum.

For the most part, it all takes around ten minutes, which puts you in a good range if you want to please someone else in a hetro relationship.

Women on PornHub are only behind the men by 23 seconds.

Best to forget the anxiety and work on each other’s cum sweet spots.

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