The adding of all four elements to your lovemaking will bring a whole new level of awareness of your body and the space you find yourself making love in.

The element of Air comes into play in several ways.

Ventilation: ventilation in the area where you are making love can make an enormous difference. If it is a warm summers night, then the smell of the fresh night air will be sensuously invigorating. If it is a cold winters night, then a small amount of chilled air will keep the senses alive.

Breath: You will be doing a lot of heavy breathing when you make love, so you want clean fresh air to breathe and you want to be able to take lovely deep breaths. If you need something to help you breathe (like Ventolin) have it handy or better still, take it beforehand, so that you can immerse yourself in the moment.

Scent: a nice smelling something in the room that gives off sandalwood or musk or patchouli is a wonderful way to take a space that you normally use and make it something special. Essential oils or incense is a wonderful way to turn the air into something sensual.


Equally important as all of the above is cleanliness. It’s important to have a clean space so that you are not burdened with cooking smells, molds or animal smells that might be polluting an otherwise glorious space.

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