We are here again with the Tracy Cox bucket list. Of this particular set of fun activities, our favourites were talking dirty, which we absolutely believe everyone must do at some point (or all the time) and going commando. All of us here at AJAX Books picked those two unanimously. We were divided on the third of our choices.

We thought that was interesting.

What we do agree on, however, is the value of creating this sort of bucket list. It’s one of the reasons we are replicating the entire list this week.

If you want to read the Daily Mail article go here. If you want to read our first post, go here.

  1. Try swinging. It’s Marmite for lots of couples but a surprising amount use the many swinging apps to give this a whirl – more than once.
  2. Masturbate for each other. It’s the only real way to find out the technique that best works for your partner.
  3. Have Zoom sex. Join the thousands of couples who mastered this during lockdown.
  4. Send a naked photo. Cut your head off and cover any distinguishing features that identify you as you, to be on the safe side.
  5. Make a sex tape. Make sure you get the lighting right – or you might never have sex again.
  6. Go commando. Leave your knickers at home or disappear to the loo, remove them and push them into your partner’s pocket when you get back.
  7. Try a tease toy in public. Insert a love egg, hand the remote control over and suddenly grocery shopping is the best fun you’ve had in years.
  8. Join the Mile High Club. Or at least have a play under a blanket on a long haul flight.
  9. Have a quickie. Foreplay is fabulous but so is having hot, spontaneous sex in the hallway.
  10. ‘Peg’ your partner. For those not in the know, pegging is when a woman penetrates her male partner with a strap-on dildo (though it’s something popular with all genders). There are ancient drawings of pegging, so it’s nothing new. But it’s now commonplace and continues to dominate the headlines in online sex blogs.
  11. Talk dirty. Especially effective if it comes out of the mouth of someone who rarely swears.
  12. Have sex in a car. Surprisingly hot as it harks back to those stolen moments as a teen, their hands up your jumper, yours down their jeans.
  13. Have sex in the shower. Mascara free.
  14. Have sex blindfolded. Nothing focuses the other senses more than removing our sight. No eye contact also removes any embarrassment if you want to try something new.
  15. Have sex with someone of the same sex. It’s more likely to be women who admit to being bi-curious, but wondering what it’s like to make love to someone who has what you have is a common fantasy. And one lots follow through on.

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