The wonderful 1974 film Passing Strangers is now available on the site Pink Label TV.

Pink Label TV is Queer owned and operated and specializes in ethical and niche queer indie films. At the moment they are hosting a restored print, so the wonderful film can be viewed in all its glory right here.

This is a film made back in the days when Porn was being taken seriously even reviewed by mainstream film reviewers.

For us at AJAX Books this harkens back to a time we wish never left and therefore we like to alert everyone to this sort of film if we can.

Pornography doesn’t have to be bad for everyone and we here at AJAX Books firmly believe it should be respected under all freedom of speech laws.

Prints such as this ensure pornography is noticed as an art form and not a system of abuse.

Check out the film and see what you think. You can buy it for the price of your lunch.


AJAX Books is not affiliated with nor are we connected to anyone working there. We just through this was neat.

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