So, in another series of reading around in the Daily Mail this week, we found that relationship expert Tracy Cox has come up with a sexual positions bucket list that everyone must try at least once in their life. The list is of fifty things, so we’ve split it this week because we thought it was worth having a bit of a look at it.

Of everything in the first fifteen, our favourites were obviously reading erotica and looking at porn, two things we wholeheartedly recommend. However, we also loved sex in water – this was a must for every one of us and the vibrator one which we assumed was obvious anyway.

Maybe it’s not?
Anyway, here is the original article and here is Tracy Cox’s first fifteen.

1.Spend an entire day in bed having sex. Only leave the bedroom for food supplies and a bottle of champers.

2. Have sex outside. The feeling of a hot sun beating down on your naked body is unmissable.

3. Have sex in semi-public. Keep it quick, wear clothes you can push to the side rather than have to take off and don’t do it if it’s highly likely you’ll be caught.

4. Have sex in water. The favourite is a jacuzzi (not recommended – the water temperature is perfect for spreading infection), others opt for the sea or a swimming pool (where it’s oh-so-easy to get away with full sex while others swim near you).

5. Have sex in your parents’ bed. It feels so wrong which is what makes it so appealing.

6. Tie each other up. BDSM is the second most popular sex fetish in Britain (filming yourself having sex tops the list, in case you’re wondering). Don’t forget to take turns in being dominant and submissive.

7. Try anal play. Despite the anus being rich in nerve endings, it wasn’t so long ago that anal play was considered either ‘unhygienic’ or plain ‘disgusting’. Now, both men and women happily admit to enjoying anal sex or anal play.

8. Use a vibrator. Vibrators are how a lot of women have their first orgasm and remain the most reliable way to get us there.

9. Try some nipple clamps. They’re hugely underrated because they don’t seem like they’d do much. They do. Men, especially, love them.

10. Experiment with new sex toys. Electro stimulation, clitoral toys that use suction, wearable vibrators, prostate massagers – by the time you’ve tried those, there will be another five new toy types ready for you.

11. Play a sex game. Strip poker in company, dare dice when you’re not.

12. Read erotica to each other. Go classic and read out a sex scene from Lady Chatterley’s Lover or try one of the many erotic reading sites online.

13. Watch porn together. If bog standard porn doesn’t do it for you, check out the many women friendly, ethical websites.

14. Role play. Pretending to be someone else and acting out a fantasy is a great way to inject some kink without the risk of inviting other bodies into your bedroom. Or go The Full Monty and…

15. Have a threesome. It’s still the most popular fantasy for all genders. Avoid the jealousy fallout by doing it with someone you like, rather than love, and spell out the combination you’re up for before agreeing. (You’d be amazed how many couples get a horrible surprise when someone of the wrong sex turns up!)


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