For those of us out there who sleep with a particular person regularly, Pornhub has come out with a lovely little idea called Premium Lovers.

According to their blog, the advantages of these premium accounts are:

– Two accounts, each one with access to Pornhub Premium HD, on-demand streaming platform

– An ad-free viewing experience

– Exclusive content, including HD and VR videos

– “Lovers playlists” that partners can curate and share their favorite videos with each other

– The choice to opt in to receive video recommendations based on both Premium Lovers’ interests and tastes

It’s the same as the original premium version, only now you can sync with another person.

This is perfect for couples, or for fuckbudies or for those who like to sleep with multiple partners regularly and want to create several intimate platforms so that people don’t get ‘jumbled together.’

Because that would be crass.

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