Is masturbation something you give up when you have a life partner? Do you masturbate as a stopgap between now and when you next have sex?

There are two primary schools of thought, on the whole, masturbate in partnership practice.

There is the idea that masturbation is the thing you do when your partner isn’t cutting it. Then there is the theory that masturbation enhances and adds to the sexual space you share with another person.

A recent study published in the national library of Medicine has found that in a sexually satisfying straight relationship, a woman will masturbate more and a man less. That means women masturbate to compliment and men masturbate to compensate.

Sexual dissatisfaction was still an indicator of more masturbation in both men and women when associated with frequency. Mismatched libidos are a thing!

We read a bit in Psychology Today about this. You can find the article here. You can find the research paper here.

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