We are still going with this bucket list of 50 things to do in bed that you have to try in your lifetime. We really liked The Wheelbarrow one of course, because it is based on one of the most famous erotic books in the world. We were divided over the rest, though all of us had at least a soft spot for sex on a chair. We liked that one.

So here we go. The sexy bucket list continues. If you want to read the original article in the Daily Mail the link is here.

  1. Have a 69er. Yes, yes, it’s hard to focus on doing a good job your end, if your partner’s doing a great job. But mutual satisfaction is sexual efficiency at its best (and if you turn it on its side and rest your heads on each other’s thighs, it can be comfortable).
  2. Have multiple orgasms. The trick is to switch to using different stimulation: move from oral to intercourse, to using a vibrator.
  3. Have a G-spot orgasm. The jury’s still out on whether there is an actual ‘spot’ but there’s absolutely no doubt that the front vaginal wall (the bit under your tummy) is very sensitive and produces highly erotic feelings when stimulated.
  4. Have sex on the kitchen counter. Who cares if the dinner gets burned?
  5. Sex on a chair. Make it one without arms so you can straddle their lap.
  6. Have break-up sex. Either poignant and tender or anger-fuelled and lusty.
  7. Have make-up sex. Ditto.
  8. Have a one-night stand. Stranger sex is liberating, especially for a female – you can let loose without any fear of being judged.
  9. Doing ‘The Wheelbarrow’. The classic Kama Sutra show-off position everyone wishes they’d be caught doing.
  10. Sex while horribly drunk. Alcohol loosens inhibitions.
  11. Sex in a tent at a festival. Usually performed in the above state.
  12. Sex on a beach. Sand gets in places you never imagined but it’s high on both drama and romance.
  13. Sex involving food. They do it in the movies and as long as you avoid putting oily or spicy foods inside the body, it’s safe and sexy to smear.
  14. Sex with someone much older. They can teach you a thing or two.
  15. Sex with someone much younger. You can teach them.
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