For many people in these delightful pandemic days, the usually simple sexual story has become problematic. Stress and the general fears associated with lockdown and an economic downturn have taken us to dark places where we are more likely to engage in doomscrolling before sleep rather than sex with the person in the bed with us.

We here at AJAX Books felt it was necessary to remind ourselves why we have sex in the first place. Besides the biological imperative of making more humans and more humans like us, sex is often a way to bond and connect deeply with a loved one, or experience growth and healing alone or with another human.

We engage in sex for many reasons. Here are some of the more joyful ones:

  1. To feel alive
  2. To feel desirable
  3. To feel attractive
  4. To achieve closeness and intimacy
  5. To please someone we love
  6. Stress release
  7. Ecstasy
  8. Exultation of spirit
  9. To help us sleep
  10. To help us wake up

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