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How do you find real ecstasy?

We thought it might be a good idea to lift out another little gem from Barbara Carrellas’ book Urban Tantra. Particularly seeing as so many people are stressed about their bedroom lives at the moment.

Here is Barbra’s super list of how to introduce ecstasy into our overloaded lives. She suggests:

  • Stay in the present moment.
  • Don’t try so hard.
  • Stay in the present moment.
  • Drop your expectations and your judgments.
  • Stay in the present moment.
  • Surrender.
  • Stay in the present moment.
  • Be more conscious.
  • Stay in the present moment.
  • Learn how to do all of this in sex…
  • … in the present moment.

You can grab a copy of Barbara book at Amazon here. Remember we are not affiliated with anything you click on here. We just like Barbara’s book.

Also, remember our Barbra Novac has written lots of saucy tales that will grab your attention if you let them. Get one of those books here.

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