A new paper conducted by the wellness brand CB11 has found that anxiety has contributed to a lower sex drive in the pandemic. This may not be a huge surprise, nor may it be a surprise that CB11 sell CBD oil, but there were other findings in the report that were more interesting.

An overwhelming amount of people (63%) stated that TV now provides their stress release.

Other antidotes to stress include reading a book, listening to music, or turning to comfort food and alcohol.

But none of these were as potent as turning on the TV.

Worse than all of this, many Britons admitted to focusing on the news before they go to bed which makes them feel bad, or ‘doomscrolling’ on their phones. Spending hours filtering through bad news.

People were even saying they were intentionally making themselves ugly to discourage their partners during sex.

We here at AJAX Books were saddened by this. If you do need to try CBD oil to loosen up or reclaim a piece of yourself, please do so. Use anything. Just raise the standard and love yourself.

And grab one of our books. Best money you will spend on relaxation!

Read more about the survey and more about CBD oil here.

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