If you are experiencing a loss of libido at the moment, it’s nothing to worry about. There are several reasons for this.

  1. You’re probably having this experience because of stress brought on by the pandemic. Therefore, more stress will make it worse.
  2. You might be seeing just a little too much of the person you love. Sometimes a little absence makes the sexual organs grow fonder.
  3. Poor diet, no exercise, and no nightlife might be impacting your connection to your body’s happy place.
  4. Drinking and smoking more.
  5. Less sex makes you want less sex.

The good news is, just as the sex gets diminished with increase sex, it will increase again when you diminish the stress. So trying to focus heavily on letting some worries go, you might find yourself getting a bit of sexual stress relief that will help with handling the problems you are stressed about.

Just as no sex tells you to have stress, when the sex comes back, it will be an indicator you are exiting a stress period. So think of it as a signpost you can read and you won’t have to live with a fear that your sex drive will not return.

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