We here at AJAX Books love all things sexy and we love to talk about it and examine it. Therefore, we have naturally found ourselves focused on stress and stress relieving techniques through the second part of October.

Stress is impacting people’s sex drive at the moment. Ironically, one of the ways to get sex back into your life is to start having sex. This means the relief of sex will help with your other anxieties also.

So we read this nice little article in Insight State that listed 5 cures for a lack of libido due to stress. These can help get you back on the path of joyful sexual release that will help you with the stress that’s getting in the way.

  1. Consult a doctor if you’re really worried about your loss of libido.
  2. With consultation, consider short term medication or therapy.
  3. Try relaxation meditation. It will help you get perspective.
  4. Consider herbal remedies
  5. Get some sleep.
  6. Do the little things you usually do to reduce stress. Bubble baths, massage your partner, and receive a massage, take a small tantric course together. All those little silly fun things that help relieve pressures from the drama of the outside world.

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