There are more than a few people experiencing anxiety at the moment.

This anxiety can result in a loss of libido that can further impact our stress levels during the pandemic.

Blueheart, the online sexual counseling center is offering a free assessment during lockdown. We took a stroll through it and found it to be based in science, warm and progressive.

Therefore we wanted to offer a little shoutout to the website.

Check Blueheart out here.

We are not affiliated with Blueheart in any way. However, we feel that getting in touch with a professional during times of high anxiety and deep stress is very smart. It is also a tactic that many of us here at AJAX Books use and have used in our lives.

If you are experiencing any stress or fear related to your sexuality, go and take their free assessment.

It will help connect you to something outside of yourself and hopefully help gain perspective.

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