It is an essential component of sexual awakening to discover inside yourself which of your six senses is your preferred sense for sexual stimulation.

If you were asked which would turn you on the most out of the following:

  1. Seeing your lover in sexy underwear
  2. Having your lover whisper softly in your ear
  3. Having your lover softly kiss your neck

Your answer will probably let you know if you are a visual person, an auditory person, or a kinesthetic person.

Done well, all of the above will work to seduce. But there will always be a standout.

Here is a little test.

If you have a strong connection to the below, you are a smell person. Imagine the following:

  1. Recall the fragrance of your mothers’ perfume
  2. Smell mown grass
  3. Smell coffee brewing
  4. Recall the aroma of your dad’s car
  5. Smell a wet dog
  6. Inhale the scent of a rose
  7. Name three smells that mean the start of spring for you.

If the above come quickly and easily to you, then you are most probably a smell person. Checking this out will help you give clues to your lover about what you want, but it will also be fun finding out what they like so you can take pleasure in pleasing them more.

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