Relationships are not always monogamous.

It is a myth that long term monogamous relationships are the only real relationships.

While there are many long-term monogamous couples who are very happy there are many who are not.

These folk may be convinced by a belief system or feel too obliged to consider leaving an unhappy situation.

If you value happiness in a relationship, you should judge the quality of your relationship by how you and your partner feel, not by arbitrary rules set in place by the belief systems of another.

If you and your partner believe with your whole heart that happiness is something you will gain in the next life by remaining unhappy in your relationship in this life, you can‘t impose that on others.


Nature doesn’t determine your sexual lifestyle

It doesn’t matter if monogamy occurs in nature or not. Nature is not a superior god-like being that can endorse or unendorsed your sexual predilection.

Monogamy isn’t any more ‘natural’ than open relationships or sleeping around.

An obsession with monogamy’s ‘natural’ basis implies it loses validity if it is not ‘natural.’

Equally, other lifestyles gain no validity by claiming to be ‘natural.’

To go down this path is to twist yourself into a knot of accusations and defenses.

Establish the power of your relationship in the relationship itself.


Society tells you monogamy is everything

The long-term monogamous relationship choice is one that is condoned by our current society and therefore many people adopt it who may not be suited to that lifestyle.

For people who are very happy in monogamous relationships, the lifestyle is exactly that. Their happiness feels like a gift and they feel very fortunate to be able to live it.

If your partner wants to sleep around it is honorable to discuss that with you so you have a choice in your lifestyle. You may or may not take that journey with them.

Duplicity is often the problem when monogamy is blamed.


There is no need for others to be the same.

This is a crucial identifying factor.

It is only when you doubt your position that you need everyone to agree with you.

Relationships come in many shapes and sizes. Some people love more than one person at the same time, some people like to sleep with several people and not be contained by one, some people prefer to be alone and not be forced to perform their sexual pleasure with another.

All of these forms of sexuality and lifestyle choice are valid and all carry the promise of a joyful fulfilling love life, if they serve the people in them.


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