Meditation has gotten a great wrap of late.


It’s one of the new go-to cure-alls currently sweeping modern You Tube channels and business sites.


Everyone thinks it’s a great idea to meditate.


Here at AJAX Books, we can’t agree more.


Neuroscientists have shown that small doses of meditation (often as little as five minutes per day) reduces your stress, lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system and rewires key parts of the brain that have to do with self-awareness, focus, stress and compassion.


This can have a wonderful impact on your sex life.


When you conduct a daily meditation and then give yourself the gift of a daily orgasm, your chance of lowering stress increases.


We live in stressful times. Anything that helps, helps.


Take the time to meditate. Take the time to orgasm. Then realise that both activities have made you healthier and happier.



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