Happiness is not the result of never being unhappy. More and more as different schools of thought examine what it is to be happy, it is found that being happy typically involves some level of discomfort.


The way to be ‘happy’ in the sense that you are enjoying your life and feel good about yourself typically includes indulging in small pleasures, getting absorbed in challenging activities, setting and meeting goals, and communicating joyfully with others.


It is an observable understanding that it isn’t happiness that promotes well-being, it is the actual pursuit that is the key.


In this case, it is worth examining your sexual needs also. Joy from sex is derived by self-examination. Finding out what you like to do. Then, indulge in small sexual pleasures regularly. Masturbation and regular sex with a partner are a great way to do this.


Create some sex goals, every now and then branch out and do something you always wanted to try but have been too scared, or felt too foolish to pursue. Get advice from others; online, in therapy, or chatting with a beloved group.


Sexual happiness can be as easy (and as challenging) to create for yourself as day-to-day happiness.


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