One of the most traditional and beautiful lovemaking elements is the fireplace.

Fire is seen as terribly romantic. Perhaps it is because we all look so much better when we’re in front of that lovely glow.

Perhaps it is because we all look so good next to the forgiving low light of the fireplace?

Either way, bringing an element of fire into your lovemaking is a wonderful idea.

If you don’t have the fireplace, and can’t make that happen even in the backyard, you can go for candles of course. They are romantic and very beautiful.

Incense and essential oil burning is another way to bring the element of fire into the room with you while you make love.

Another idea is to go on a holiday or take a short break to a place where there is a fireplace and start your sexy ritual there. Flirt in front of a fireplace before you go home or back to your room.

Especially in winter, this is a wonderful way to bring sexy fire energy into your lovemaking space.

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