It seems the nude pic and the thirst trap pic have done a retro comeback – at least retro in the online sense. The online idea is, it’s COVID-19 now and after this it will be post COVID-19. So, what are you holding back for?

The thirst trap image has been touted as the new hottie image while RL dating is outta bounds. So, for those of you who are single and therefore dateless during lockdown, the great new is the online world has gotten over its shyness and reservation and no longer gives a shit about slutshaming or shameless selfies and we’re all looking for a new world.

A little note on this: maturity always goes a long way. If you don’t slutshame girls, you’ll get more nudes. It’s simple math. Be a grown up and if a girl wants to show you, just enjoy it. Show self-respect and try not to make an image mean more than an image.

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