There are specific traits that happy couples share that might be a little surprising. Most of the points below can happen on a nightly basis. In fact, inside happy relationships, they almost always do happen on a nightly basis.

We read about this in a nice little article in Power of Positivity Magazine. They have listed a bunch of things that make a relationship work, from similar political and religious beliefs through to stable income and sharing moments in life. You can read the article here.

Here are ten things that they believe happy couples do every night. Adding these into your relationship are likely to greatly increase your chance of sex.

  1. Share a funny moment from your past.
  2. Perform a specific bedtime ritual (such as cleaning teeth) at the same time.
  3. Tell each other about your day and share anecdotes.
  4. Keep arguments or heated discussions out of the bedroom.
  5. Perform simple actions that indicate thoughtfulness about the other person.
  6. Kiss goodnight and or cuddle
  7. Share and rotate children’s bedtime rituals
  8. Forehead kisses
  9. Give compliments
  10. Give loving and encouraging little notes or texts.

This all made a lot of sense to us. We also think happy couples work hard at their sex lives and make sure that they have good sex lives. One important attribute of the happy couple was fidelity.

We thought that was very interesting.

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