We all have to live a little differently at the moment and that means new rules to old tricks. Dating online is one of those everything-old-is-new-again experiences.

We had a look at a bunch of dating tips and found that dating online doesn’t have to change the dating experience too much. In some ways, it can be an advantage as nerves and awkwardness can be significantly reduced.

We found some tips that might help you if you’re approaching your first online date:

  1. Use humor to mask your nervousness. (Humor is important. If you need some jokes or tips, prep for your date by watching a bit of stand up. Even if you include your credits, you can still relax and entice your new friend with humous)
  2. Communicate well and regularly. (Answer all messages promptly. Delayed responses make people feel that you are ignoring them.)
  3. Don’t overdo it and turn impress into brag. (Don’t forget we are transparent to each other. If you try too hard to impress, you will look like a person who is trying too hard to impress.)
  4. Don’t be shifty. (Try very hard not to appear to be hiding anything. Especially online, you need to be flexible and open about what you will share, but keep your own rules clear. Make sure you don’t come across as hiding anything)
  5. Concentrate on them. (Don’t work on your image. Concentrate on them and that will keep you safe from coming across as self-involved.)
  6. Find common interests. (Besides liking walks in the rain, you should seek common ground right away. Sharing how you both feel about the date is a great way to start. After all, this date is something that only you both know about.)

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