Being touched is important.

Everyone needs to experience touch.

Obviously, this can occur through physical intimacy.

But it can also occur in other ways. If you have no significant other, here are 10 ways you can experience the touch of another in a way that will give you good energy and help rejuvenate.

  1. Receive a massage
  2. Give a massage (obviously, if the person wants it)
  3. Hug someone
  4. Give yourself a massage with oil
  5. Give yourself a facial on the face, hands, and feet
  6. Pat a cat or a dog. If you don’t own a pet, find one that needs cuddles.
  7. Meditate and feel the connection of all things around you
  8. Experiment with different temperature and water pressure in your shower
  9. Shake hands with people at work
  10. Lay naked in fine, clean new sheets on a bed

The above is just ten wonderful ways you can experience touch when you are not in a relationship or on a date.

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