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How has Coronavirus affected your sex life?


We were surprised (perhaps naively) to find that Agony Aunt Coleen Nolan of The Daily Mail in the UK, has been inundated with messages from Britons claiming their sex life has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, this is not singles who can’t go out.

This is couples for whom being locked in a house with their significant other ruins their sex life.

Are you one of these folks?

Of course, if this is you, there are plenty of blog posts on our site to give you some ideas to make your COVID-19 lockdown a sexy one. Also, you can always read one of our books and get your libido going.

However, if you feel like it, Coleen Nolan is asking folk to fill in her survey examining this phenomenon.

You can take that survey here.

Please note, we are not affiliated with Coleen Nolan or The Daily Mail. We just thought this was neat.


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What you put in must come out

When you come it comes out, is the rule of thumb when you’re placing foods in either of your “holes down there.” This means you can totally get creative with stuff like whipped cream, honey or peanut butter, but you must be able to remove it. For that reason, these sorts of foods are better around the clit or perimeum and are best removed with the tongue.

Foods like grapes or bananas that have the potential to get lost up there or mash, have a removal issue. Bacteria or a trip to the doctor (we mean a real one) can ensue and neither of those things are very sexy.

Keep it intact, keep it sexy and remove it when you come.

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Sexy knowledge!

Its’ true!

Women who have been educated at a tertiary level are far more likely to give and receive oral sex.

At least according to Hilda Hutcherson MD who wrote the book What your Mother never told you about Sex. (find a copy here)

Why might this be? There are many theories, but the most popular one with women argues that an educated woman is more likely to be experimental. Many women feel that understanding their own sexual nature is their responsibility and this belief increases with education. Therefore, It might be the most educated women who are the keenest to try many things and initiate this kind of pleasure.

Food for thought.


(We are not affilliated with Dr Hutchersons book or Amazon)

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Improve Sexual Communication

We found this luscious little article from the South China Morning Post by Lisa Tam that came up with the following list compiled by Sarah Tang of Sarasense. It offers a nice little list of possibilities to improve communication for couples.

How to improve sexual communication

  1. Compile a sex bucket list of things you want to try together when lockdown is over
  2. Create a “sexual desire inventory” of things that turn you on and off, then compare notes
  3. Sit opposite each other without touching and gaze into each other’s eyes for 10 minutes uninterrupted
  4. Try syncing your breath with your partner. This meditative Tantric practice focuses your attention on each other and is a powerful intimacy tool
  5. Curate sexy playlists of music that gets you both “in the mood”



We aren’t affiliated with The South China Post or Sarasense in any way. We just liked the article. We receive no benefit if you click on the link.

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A month of great sex with the same person while you’re in lockdown

31 ideas to inspire sex every day you’re in lockdown


  1. Finally read The Story of O
  2. Watch something saucy at Erotic Films
  3. Read some short stories on
  4. Engage in a six second kiss
  5. Read a copy of White Flesh Black Market. Spies in the House of Lust. Book 1 (together)
  6. Have a bath (together)
  7. Order some sex toys online 
  8. Have a date night at home
  9. Read Delta of Venus and Tropic Of Cancer one after the other. (Anais Nin and Henry Miller were lovers when they wrote the books.)
  10. Read The Sexual Life of Catherine M
  11. Watch some films together on Joybear
  12. Play a game of stripped-down twister (Remove a layer of clothes when you fall)
  13. Buy a copy of 101 Nights of Tantric Sex by Cassandra Lorius
  14. Buy a subscription to Pink
  15. Go to Pornhub and each find a sex scene that turns you on. Share with each other.
  16. Give each other an erotic massage with lots of oil.
  17. Shave off each others pubic hair
  18. Buy a copy of Sexopoly to play together
  19. Buy a copy of Sensuous Magic by Patrick Califia and try out light BDSM on each other.
  20. Order a sexy outfit, lingerie or toys from an online store.
  21. Try stripping for each other (with or without giggling)
  22. Buy Kaamastra You and Me. 90 bedroom games for couples.
  23. Play a game of truth or dare with a lot of honesty
  24. Write letter to your partner with a secret sexual desire request. Then read each others lettes and fulfil them.
  25. Buy an Oral sex dice game and play it.
  26. Give a hot and cold BJ. (Glass of hot water and ice water beside you)
  27. Play a game of strip pong together with your choice of alcohol.
  28. Turn dessert into a sexy game by placing your favourite sweets on your lovers body to be eaten off.
  29. Have sex in the car (in the garage!)
  30. Hop onto the Sounds of Pleasure website and listen to please having real orgasms.
  31. Get the Dipsea App for your phone and listen to some sexy stories while you play with each other.
(Please note: the above image is a shower curtain for sale at Hiploot have not sponsored this content.)