31 ideas to inspire sex every day you’re in lockdown


  1. Finally read The Story of O
  2. Watch something saucy at Erotic Films
  3. Read some short stories on Literotica.com
  4. Engage in a six second kiss
  5. Read a copy of White Flesh Black Market. Spies in the House of Lust. Book 1 (together)
  6. Have a bath (together)
  7. Order some sex toys online 
  8. Have a date night at home
  9. Read Delta of Venus and Tropic Of Cancer one after the other. (Anais Nin and Henry Miller were lovers when they wrote the books.)
  10. Read The Sexual Life of Catherine M
  11. Watch some films together on Joybear
  12. Play a game of stripped-down twister (Remove a layer of clothes when you fall)
  13. Buy a copy of 101 Nights of Tantric Sex by Cassandra Lorius
  14. Buy a subscription to Pink Label.tv
  15. Go to Pornhub and each find a sex scene that turns you on. Share with each other.
  16. Give each other an erotic massage with lots of oil.
  17. Shave off each others pubic hair
  18. Buy a copy of Sexopoly to play together
  19. Buy a copy of Sensuous Magic by Patrick Califia and try out light BDSM on each other.
  20. Order a sexy outfit, lingerie or toys from an online store.
  21. Try stripping for each other (with or without giggling)
  22. Buy Kaamastra You and Me. 90 bedroom games for couples.
  23. Play a game of truth or dare with a lot of honesty
  24. Write letter to your partner with a secret sexual desire request. Then read each others lettes and fulfil them.
  25. Buy an Oral sex dice game and play it.
  26. Give a hot and cold BJ. (Glass of hot water and ice water beside you)
  27. Play a game of strip pong together with your choice of alcohol.
  28. Turn dessert into a sexy game by placing your favourite sweets on your lovers body to be eaten off.
  29. Have sex in the car (in the garage!)
  30. Hop onto the Sounds of Pleasure website and listen to please having real orgasms.
  31. Get the Dipsea App for your phone and listen to some sexy stories while you play with each other.
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