We were surprised (perhaps naively) to find that Agony Aunt Coleen Nolan of The Daily Mail in the UK, has been inundated with messages from Britons claiming their sex life has been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, this is not singles who can’t go out.

This is couples for whom being locked in a house with their significant other ruins their sex life.

Are you one of these folks?

Of course, if this is you, there are plenty of blog posts on our site to give you some ideas to make your COVID-19 lockdown a sexy one. Also, you can always read one of our books and get your libido going.

However, if you feel like it, Coleen Nolan is asking folk to fill in her survey examining this phenomenon.

You can take that survey here.

Please note, we are not affiliated with Coleen Nolan or The Daily Mail. We just thought this was neat.


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