When you’re in your twenties, you tend to be a bit more experimental, but it’s when you get older that your confidence in bed really starts to bloom.

The effort to try new things often comes from having your sex life a bit out of whack. Women (in particular) can feel a lot of pressure to be hot in bed. You stop thinking this is so important when you get older. You focus on your own pleasure more and you gain more confidence in making this happen when you’re older.

In their thirties, women tend to learn how to orgasm, but the dreaded K word (kids) tends to make the sex life more complicated. Forties are wonderful because you don’t have the pressure of young children (statistically) and often single women in this category date much younger men.

Then comes the fifties. Menopause can place a woman in a position where she doesn’t have much interest in sex, but what is under-examined in scientific circles, but anecdotal evidence suggests, is that women often bounce back. Many women report having the best sex of their lives after menopause.

Exploring sex when you’re older is really important if you like to think of yourself as a dynamic sensual being.

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