When thinking of sexy earth rituals, the most obvious idea is food. Food can be sexy in so many ways, particularly when one presumes, they will need sustenance for all that exercise.


Other ways to bring the earth element in are flowers. Flowers are a wonderful way to bring happy energy into your masturbation or lovemaking space.


Another element that can add to your sexy times is wood sculptures or stones like crystals. You can use scents such as amber, musk, or sandalwood. Essential oils can be added to an oil burner to include the element of fire in the room.


Of course, if you are going to do food, work with sweet things like fruit and chocolate and then you can also have cheese boards or something lighter like pretzels.


Then of course, there is the good old choc syrup, whipped cream, and champagne that can be licked off your lovers’ body. Don’t forget the aphrodisiac power of some foods like oysters and strawberries.


Oysters are particularly good for those who like to go down on a vagina. Any wonder why?



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