One of our favorite books here at AJAX Books (that we haven’t published) is Erogenous Zones, an anthology of erotic writings with an introduction by Lucretia Stewart.


All of us here at AJAX Books ran a mini-experiment where we read one of the small chapters before our sex play at nights to help get us toward the mood. It was a joyful experience to read sophisticated erotica just prior to indulging in titillating porn, or fantasy. We found the elegant prose deepened our appreciation of our own bodies.


It goes without saying that we are ‘bookish.’ It is the thing that we have in common. Therefore, erotic literature just before you transition to masturbation, porn, and or sex with a partner may not be something you care for.


However, if you are bookish, a nice little piece of fun is to include some erotic writing just before play. This may also awaken your appetite for some of the world’s greatest erotic literature.


You can grab a copy of Erogenous Zones here.



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