It is important that everyone understands that sex is a biological function that can result in ill health or unwanted pregnancy.

If you are interested in practicing any of the fun things we talk about in this blog, or if you want to read and engage with porn and feel ready to include other people in that practice, your sexual health is an essential component of that step.

When you sleep with another person, you bring the biological consequences into play and you must include them in your preparation.

Condoms continue to be the best protection against STD’s and pregnancy.

Learn how to use them, apply them, and enjoy your sexual activities with them. The best way to do this is to get cool with them while you masturbate. Experiment with them just as you would experiment with your hands or your vibrators. Learn how to buy them, which ones you like, what they taste like, how long they last, and how to put them on properly.

Get good at condoms.

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