Sex is very powerful. It can take us over in many ways. It is a great joy and probably the greatest of all stress relievers.

However, this power is not unattractive to others.

It is important to work out for yourself where sex and power become mutually exclusive. There are a lot of entities that combine sex with moral assertions and many who use sex to enforce certain behaviors. Many cults have used sex as persuasion, usually by insisting women share themselves or people should be able to switch orientation or that men choose celibacy or it’s opposite polygamy.

None of these practices are problematic if you are comfortable with them. However, you must take responsibility for your own desires if you want to engage in sex with someone else, even if they are only telling you what to do. Sex is one of the few practices where you give more to the other person by being aware of your own wants and needs.

Power can be very sexy. Fetish and kink play and mainstream hetro marriages can thrive on the power dynamics that sometimes rise up in sexual relationships. However, these are not always positive and can be dangerous when you aren’t keeping track of your own mental health.

Don’t do things you are not comfortable with, and make sure you work out what you are comfortable with.

If you stay with that rule and keep it alive, you will be able to judge if your sexual practice serves you well or not.

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