So here we are at the final instalment of Tracey Cox’s bucket list of 50 sexual things you have to try at least once. In this final instalment, we were all delighted with the idea of spying on the neighbours as they have sex. We thought that was a wonderful suggestion and have all added it to our list. Because of course, none of us has done it.

The other one no one in our group had tried was the sex workshop. It quite surprised us and we each thought we need to add it to our list.

We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did.

Thanks, Tracey Cox and the Daily Mail.

You can read the original article here. We have no affiliation with The Daily Mail or Tracey Cox. We just thought this was neat.


  1. Sex with a virgin. It’s a narcissist thrill knowing you’ll forever be remembered.
  2. Sex when you know someone is watching. Brings out the exhibitionist in all of us.
  3. Spying on your flatmate or neighbours having sex. We watch people have sex all the time on porn or in the movies but rarely get to see other people have sex in real life. One reason why people also decide to…
  4. Go to a sex party. There’s a sex soiree to cater for every whim: the bi-curious, exhibitionists, BDSM, old-fashioned orgies, fetish clubs – and almost anything else that takes your fancy.
  5. Go to a sex workshop. If sex parties are a bit too out there, brush up on your sex skills at a fellatio class or learn how to orgasm.


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