We’ve gone on and on about this little article in the past week, but we just love it so much.

We here at AJAX Books think everyone should be reading and masturbating every day, and we love that both these things can be achieved with one of our wonderful naughty books.

However, the good news just keeps rolling in. Books and reading have been known to reduce depression.

The logic behind this is that you are transported out of your own world filled with worries and into another world that is completely different. The ability to make this leap helps with issues of depression.

Then, there are actually books that can offer advice about depression. So not only do you get the benefits of reading and lifting yourself out of your world, you also get help for when you have to return to your own world.

Reading is a mutual creative act between the writer and the reader. Readers are very important to any and every book. It is exciting to think a depressed person has the opportunity to leave their depression at the door.

Read more about this in Power of Positivity here.

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