There is a lot of talk at the moment about declining economies and job losses. The news is almost always bad and can be frightening. This can lead to symptoms of stress such as lying awake all night and taking up poor habits as a way of relief.

Instead of turning to the booze or the TV, try a little more positivity to get the stress managed. Give these ten tips a go:

  1. Keep a balanced diet on the top of your list. Not so much for weight management (though that does matter) but more for getting your body what it needs to stay positive. Veggies and fruits will help with this.
  2. Exercise more often. Staying in means you have to carefully plan you’re going out. Make sure you get some walks. Especially in the sunshine. The sun will always make you feel better no matter what.
  3. It’s really important to keep sleeping. Do everything you can to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  4. Take up a new hobby. We were all doing this at the start of Lockdown. Maybe rather than write the great novel, why not start with something more modest? Learn how to bake or ride a bike or sing a song. Small creative actions will keep you feeling developed and progressive and help offset depression.
  5. Although this is a funny answer, masturbation will keep you sexually active, in tune with your body and alive to your needs. Do it before you sleep. That will help with your solid night also.
  6. Cleaning stuff out is very trendy right now. Get on the bandwagon and treat yourself to sorting through some of your stuff.
  7. Reading is enormously good for you in so many ways. Rather than write the great novel, take the time in Lockdown to read some of the great novels.
  8. Self-improvement. This is also the perfect time to increase your skills. Anything that takes your focus and places on a task is good. Learn a skill that will help with your career. Or learn about how the drains in your homework. Or study film history.
  9. Fight for a cause. In the US there is plenty of volunteer work at election time if you feel like fighting for your candidate. Otherwise, you can fight to protect the planet, help the elderly in lockdown, or take up animal rescue. Doing something in your community will help you see others are struggling too.
  10. Discover classical music, meditation, or yoga. Get a new passion for something that people swear reduces stress. Find the thing that you can use in the future that will help with stress. If you really need it, try therapy also. There are a lot of places that will help online. If you don’t have the cash for that (and lots of us don’t) go for yoga or meditation. Commit to doing it well and make it part of a new life plan.

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