Expressions of love and desire are not always spontaneous. In fact, they rarely are. And if you think about it, the only expression of love and desire that you will ever share is with a person already in your life. One-night-stands are wonderful, but they are not expressions of love and desire.

Planning and preparation can be like foreplay. If you let yourself enjoy the idea of it. There are people in the world who think of the sex they have with their mate as a ritual. It’s a ritual celebration and a mutual expression of their feelings.

That’s a far cry from the insistence that sex has to always be spontaneous.

Getting your head around the idea of sex as a ritual, as an expression of how you feel, helps you get your head around desire. It helps you understand why you aren’t turned on 24/7 around your partner and why that is normal and ok.

Passionate preparation also does not necessarily imply there will never be spontaneous sex, it just allows room for both.

It is good to remember that sexual connection can be a ritual. It will also awaken in you the idea that you might want something from your ritual and that different styles of preparation will provide those different things. Just work out your clear intention and then perform a respectful preparation.

You may find your love life will soar because of it.

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