We might have been told in our life that masturbation is a thing that exploring teens do. You may have even been told that it is bad or a thing that you shouldn’t do.,

The negative associations with masturbation are one of the terrible things that humans have done to themselves. Each of us has our own personal sexual evolution and much of this will take place in the loving arms of yourself. You need to masturbate to learn about what you like.

It is that simple.

And what you will like will change over time. So, you need to keep masturbating in order to keep understanding yourself.

We all change in our likes and dislikes., Something you might think is super sexy one year does nothing for you the next. You may go through daring and wild times and you may go through snuggly homely times. What you think is yack now might be your entire erotic world later in life.

You can’t farm your sexual needs out to anyone else. They are your responsibility.

You have to allow yourself to grow and change and therefore you have to get mature about your need to masturbate.

Masturbation is your friend. And it is your friend for life.

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