We here at AJAX Books are pro-porn, pro-erotica and pro-freedom of expression.

However, we feel that alongside the right to free speech goes the obligation each individual has to get informed and get self-directed.

Not all porn is good for you, not all erotica is good for you and not all human expression is good for you.

Every individual must ask themselves how much is a good amount to spend on pornography, erotica, gaming, gambling or any other form of online entertainment.

We would like to remind people that men often pay too much to male erotica stars to see images of them naked.

We wholeheartedly encourage young men and everyone else to pause on expensive purchases. We also encourage everyone to examine what it means to spend a dollar and where that dollar goes.

At AJAX Books, we would also like to encourage those who have a fondness for spending large amounts on private pornography to consider professional sex workers before seeking out those who might be leaping into an overcrowded marketplace with nothing ‘new’ to offer.

Last, but not least, we also encourage everyone to examine their sexuality in a safe, sane and consensual way and not use self-empowerment as an excuse to attack others. Self-empowerment comes from self-control and self-direction.

To those of you abstaining in September – we wish you well.

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