We found this wonderful article on ways to improve your sex life during any sort of COVID-19 lockdown.

While some people are emerging and getting back into life, when it comes to sex with someone who is not in your house with you, life is still a little complicated.

Not to mention you may not be feeling safe enough to pop out, pick up, and do the deed anyway.

Sera Smith has put together a bundle of ideas that we here at AJAX Books thought were quite clever. This gives you the opportunity to use any sort of COVID-19 lockdown as a time when you can greatly improve your future sex life.

Taking the opportunity to chat with a sex therapist online, explore the erotica of previously hidden fantasies, or experiment with what you might like someone else to do to you could make all the difference in future years. (AJAX Books particularly endorse the use of erotica)

If you can’t do the deed right now, it could be the perfect time to perfect the deed for yourself in the future.

You’re worth the investment.

Read the full article in The Daily Clog here.

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